Who We Are

We are believers in the juxtaposition of the traditional & the modern. This idea led to the creation of the fashion brand: Alpaca Collections.

Alpaca Collections strives to bring high-quality apparel combining the ancient Peruvian textile tradition with a modern South American design. The products we sell are made of natural fibers and fabrics, most of which come from Alpacas or pima cotton grown in Peru. Alpacas are beautiful and hearty animals, that are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and give seasons of amazingly soft wool, supporting their owners and their families for years. 

We want our business to be like the Alpacas: beautiful, sustainable, durable and giving back to our global family.

Alpaca Collections began when two brothers in spirit, Santiago and Craig, the company founders, were born a few years apart in opposite ends of the Americas. One Latino, one Gringo; each raised with a deep appreciation of the mountains and the natural world; each educated by Jesuits and raised in small families.

Their paths crossed for the first time when Santiago stayed at Craig's home as an exchange student. They stayed in touch over the years and across continents. The Gringo married a Latina and the Latino married a Gringa. After all those years, they ended up living in the same city again. They started talking about going into business together, combining their experiences and relationships, creating a true American company that takes the best of both cultures and practices of North and South America. Alpaca Collections is the result of those efforts. 

Our team and company have grown so much in the past years, and still, have high expectations for this exciting endeavor.

From all the Alpaca Collections Family, we welcome you along for the ride! And we promise an exciting, full of fashion and integrity path.

Welcome to the family!!


Image Sources:

Seattle Summers by Bala

Skyline From Point Loma by Alan Sunners

Monasterio de Santa Catalina - Arequipa - Peru 05 by Adam Jones