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Alpaca Wool Blankets & Throws - Hypoallergenic Luxury Bedding

With the strength and versatility of alpaca fiber, it’s no wonder that this luxurious material is not limited to use in clothing items. When it comes to the ideal textile for blankets and throws around the house, alpaca is unbeatable.

Alpaca fiber can be spun a variety of ways to create light alpaca throws or heavier, more substantial blankets. Alpaca provides a soft and silky texture while remaining naturally water-resistant, insulating, and hypoallergenic. Natural alpaca fiber come in 22 beautiful colors, but they can also be dyed to create a rainbow of options for any room or design aesthetic.

Browse our collection of alpaca blankets and throws for your home. You’ll find solid colors from warm natural tones to deep reds and playful corals, along with patterns like plaid or stripes. We stand by the quality of our alpaca wool throws.

These alpaca wool blankets are both beautiful and functional, incorporating a pleasing burst of color and tactile experience to a room while being an easily accessed source of warmth on chillier days and nights. Wrap up in a cozy alpaca blanket instead of turning on the heater to save on your energy bill and stay supremely comfortable. Even your little ones can enjoy this luxury with alpaca baby blankets.

Toss your alpaca throw blanket over the armchair, bring it with you on the airplane, or cuddle underneath it for a movie night at home. You’ll value all of the many uses this one item provides. And because of alpaca fiber’s durable, long-lasting nature, you’ll be able to keep it in the family for years to come.