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Declassified Black Friday/Cyber Monday Survival Guide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aka THE BEST BARGAIN SEASON OF THE YEAR is right around the corner! Here is a friendly guide to help you survive and get the best deals possible, without taking the joy out of choosing Holiday gifts for your loved ones.



KUNA Expressions

Always immersed in the search for new sources of art and beauty, Kuna found inspiration in the fresh and innovative strokes of young and talented artists, whose works of art have been transformed into delicate garments. They make up the new Kuna Expressions Collection, offering these new painters a new platform ideal to make their works known.


Kuna’s Millennium Collection

Peru is a country of many tones and textures; a country of skilled textile creators and millenary artistic excellence, which since ancient times has shown great proficiency and delicacy in the making of looms and the weaving of intricate designs, which magically summon the force and majesty of the great Apus and Mother Earth. Each fabric tells a story, each thread narrates what the artist wanted to communicate over generations so that in time, the message would come to you and me.


Winter essentials: Alpaca Collections

Products knitted from alpaca wool are a lovely addition to any wardrobe. The gorgeous fiber is extremely warm and lightweight, water, dirt resistant and hypoallergenic. Alpaca wool products don’t take up a lot of space in a closet or dresser and are easy to care for. As an added bonus, beautiful and luxurious alpaca wool is sustainably produced.


Peruvian Silver Jewelry

The first thing you think when you hear about Peru, are the typical touristic sites such as Machu Picchu and the ever-present alpacas and llamas. However, if you choose to come to this magic land, you will be astonished by the Peruvian jewelry craftsmanship.


Introduction of Anntarah Kids

Anntarah kids’ garments have handcrafted details that embrace sweet memories that cannot be erased. It carries great warmth from the hands and hearts of its creators making it a true work of art. An excellent gift that will warm the heart of your loved one.


Why Llama?

Llama wool is an often misunderstood fleece. Many people are under the impression that llamas are for packing and alpacas for their fiber.  The truth is that there are good and bad fleeces for both animals. Just because it is a llama, doesn’t mean it packs!


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