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As summer comes to a close, thoughts turn to the warmth of winter apparel.  Sweaters are a necessity to insulate oneself from that intense winter chill. For most men and women, alpaca wool sweaters compile the bulk of our fashion wardrobe when the weather turns chilly.  Although many consumers demand the appeal of traditional wool garments, there is one superior product that will add the ultimate experience in comfort and luxury to your winter wardrobe. Alpaca wool originates from Peruvian alpaca natural fibers that are used specifically for manufacturing high grade wool garments with exceptional quality.

Alpaca wool fibers guarantee a soft and silky texture for comfort, while providing warmer and less irritating material than sheep’s wool. Another major advantage is that alpaca wool sweaters are highly durable and never pill. The practical benefits of alpaca products include their ease of care and hypo allergenic properties. An assortment of necklines and designs, along with an array of colors, offers a broad selection to meet anyone’s taste and style. These fine garments will assure you an excellent means of maintaining your winter wool sweater collection with that added sense of style. If you are looking for the reliable insulation of wool in your winter clothing, look no further than our 100% woolen alpaca sweaters.