Alpaca Wool Scarves

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Bundling up for the cold weather can be a hassle; it is even more uncomfortable when your warmest options include a standard sheep’s wool scarf. Alpaca Collections offers a great alternative with warm, comfortable, and soft alpaca wool scarves. We have a variety of scarf options, from long fashionable scarves for all seasons, to warm cozy scarves for cold winter days. Whether you are headed to the mountains for a ski trip, or merely dressing in the most fashionable attire, you cannot go wrong with alpaca wool scarves.

The most noticeable attribute that alpaca offers over sheep’s wool is the soft, comfortable material, rather than the course, itchy fibers of sheep’s wool. Alpaca fibers lack lanolin, which makes them hypoallergenic. The individual fibers are much finer, allowing for more perfect weaving and finishing. The process used to create both materials is very similar, but the end results are much different.

If you are ready to make a change from your standard cotton fleece or sheep’s wool scarf, check out our many selections of alpaca scarves. The soft, quality material is sure to keep you warm and stylish on the coldest of days. Browse through our catalog today!