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2017-02-05 05:40:15

Kuna’s Millennium Collection

Kuna’s new Millennium collection is all about skillfully applying the characteristic color palette and textures that reflect the art and creativity that remains very much alive in Peru’s textile artisans. 

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2016-12-07 07:12:42

Vicuna at the 24th APEC

The queen of the Andes walks majestically among the cold landscape of the Peruvian Puna; her large and innocent black eyes that adorn the Andes from the beginning of time. The queen of the Andes, beauty and elegance turned into a Peruvian symbol, representing the wealth of flora and fauna the country enjoys.

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2016-10-13 11:38:24

Why an Alpaca Coat is a New Basic?

There are certain "rules" in fashion we all seek to live by when it comes to our closet; rules as basic as having a little black dress or a sport-elegant jacket, both of which are invaluable when we find ourselves in situations that force us out of our regular style.

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Alpaca Clothes & Baby Alpaca Wool Apparel

Alpaca Collections offers high-quality, comfortable alpaca clothing and accessories in the latest styles and designs. We supply the highest quality Peruvian alpaca clothing from the most experienced alpaca apparel manufacturer in the world. We are the real Peruvian connection working with the KUNA Alpaca brand, they produce the best alpaca sweaters, alpaca coats and alpaca scarves in the world. Alpaca clothes are known for being extremely warm, lightweight and soft; what is often forgotten is that alpaca clothing is durable, comfortable, and adaptable to every season.

The process of turning raw alpaca fibers into textiles and ultimately fine alpaca clothing is similar to the process of other natural fibers including cotton, silk and sheep wool. Each natural fiber has its own strengths and weaknesses. Continued textile innovation and improved technology in both the breeding of the animals and the processing of the fibers results in the world class alpaca products that we carry. We believe in the finest alpaca textiles because they're durable, comfortable, lightweight, modern, amazingly soft on the skin, environmentally friendly and renewable.

The amazing designers behind the products we carry are leading the way with innovative concepts and materials that integrate and highlight the best characteristics of alpaca with other natural fibers. They continue to create cutting edge textiles and styles, crafting beautiful designs for winter, summer, spring, and fall. Whether you enjoy comfort and warmth during the cold winter months or durability and breathability in the warm summer season, our alpaca wool products are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.