Alpaca Wool Gloves

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Our alpaca clothing is renowned for its quality and is supplied by a reputable Peru-based supplier. Raised in the Andes, alpacas have been used for centuries by natives to create warm, weather-proof clothing. Their fibers have since decreased in popularity, but they are still a viable alternative to many other, more accessible products.

Gloves are a great use of alpaca wool. Since it is much warmer than other materials, you will not be left with freezing fingers at the top of a mountain! The fabric is soft and durable, with a little more luster than traditional sheep’s wool. Alpaca wool women's gloves are generally able to stand up to harsh weather, and are much more comfortable for the wearer than the alternative.

If you are considering other high-end fabrics, remember the benefits of choosing naturally-occurring materials over man-made and chemical alternatives. Alpaca wool is a high-end material that is comfortable, durable, and environmentally-friendly. For soft alpaca gloves that are sure to keep your hands and fingers dry, be sure to check out many of the options at Alpaca Collections.