What We Like

Here are some of the people, places and companies that we like...

We work closely with our friends at Incalpaca TPX, the Peruvian textile manufacturer that owns the Kuna brand. Their 30+ years of experience and expertise in Alpaca apparel are unsurpassed.

When you visit Peru (and you must), there are of course the world heritage sites of Machu Picchu and Cuzco. Also take time to explore places like the Colca Lodge. Our fellow 1% For the Planet supporters at Amazonas Explorer are a great group to help you with your adventure travel.

The food in Peru, especially the ceviche and anticucho, is sublime; good food is everywhere and there are some amazing gourmet restaurants like Panchita and Astrid y Gaston in Lima.

When in Lima, visit our friends at Ilaria for beautiful hand-crafted jewelry that perfectly compliments your favorite Alpaca Collections purchase

Staying close to his cultural roots Sergio Davila is doing some amazing things in the world of couture integrating Alpaca into his apparel designs in really creative ways.

Image Sources:

Canyon Del Colca by Cyril Bèle

Vicuña Sunset by Incalpaca TPX

Ausengate Circuit, Peru by Rick McCharles