Kuna’s Millennium Collection

Peru is a country of many tones and textures; a country of skilled textile creators and millenary artistic excellence, which since ancient times has shown great proficiency and delicacy in the making of looms and the weaving of intricate designs, which magically summon the force and majesty of the great Apus and Mother Earth. Each fabric tells a story, each thread narrates what the artist wanted to communicate over generations, so that in time, the message would come to you and me.

Kuna’s new Millennium collection is all about skillfully applying the characteristic color palette and textures that reflect the art and creativity that remains very much alive in Peru’s textile artisans. Inspired by the polychromatic designs of different pre-Inca civilizations, Millennium portrays the greatness of Peru’s history with each piece, and in turn has managed to summarize, harmoniously and with the utmost elegance, a rich textile tradition.

Each piece in the Millennium collection carries a name, a story inspired by the apogee of the country’s ancient cultures, most of which date back to 1,200 A.C.!

All items in the collection are easy to wear and match perfectly even with a pair of jeans; nonetheless, whatever you decide to combine them with, every single one will make you feel you are wearing an enchanted piece of Peru’s history that will not be ignored. See the magic for yourself:


We invite you to take a marvelous journey through Peru’s history via the magnificent Millennium collection... It will be like discovering its lost ancient cities all over again!

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