Vicuna at the 24th APEC

She was recognized as a treasure of the heights since the age of the Republic, and was used much earlier by the great Inca lords and high rulers of the ancient Peruvian peoples as a sign of great distinction. At the same time, it was said that the only owner of the vicuna was her, also known as Mother Nature, or the Pachamama. Furthermore, an animal with such exquisite fur as the vicuna enjoyed the protection of a great guardian, the mythical Coquena, a magical character dedicated to their care.

Nonetheless, as a result of hunting and indiscriminate commercialization of its fur, the wik'uña - Quechua root for vicuna - went from being the dominant camelid species of the Andes to one of the most predated animals ever. Thankfully, since the 60's, when the species was well on its way to extinction, the Peruvian government, together with UNESCO, began a series of strategies and agreements that allowed the creation of programs geared toward the protection and conservation of the species; at the same time, these programs allowed for the sustainable commercialization of vicuna fiber, through educating the Andean pastor about the care and importance of vicunas for the environment as well as their livelihood.

Vicuna not only represent the beauty and majesty of the Peruvian Andes, but also symbolize the success of cooperation efforts between governments and institutions; and this is really a perfect analogy with what the APEC forum stands for. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the Peruvian government chose blankets made with exquisite vicuna fiber as the main gift offered to all presidents and executives who visited Lima during the 24th APEC; obviously, this also reinforced the concept of vicuna as a synonym of elegance and class.

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