Why an Alpaca Coat is a New Basic?

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These key garments are almost mandatory to own and keep updated, because they allow us to play with existing outfits or create new combinations for a one-of-a-kind and original look.

With this in mind, and in our interest to keep you up to date with the seasons and high fashion guidelines, we have identified a piece that is indispensable nowadays, both for women and men, and should even be given star-status in our wardrobes: the Alpaca Coat. Don´t believe me? Just take a closer look at what the latest Fall Fashion Shows in New York and Milan or Elle and Vogue magazines are screaming: the new trendsetters are coats, and especially alpaca coats. Large firms and major fashion houses have realized that quality alpaca garments are capable of being both socially elegant and stylish, as well as an ecological alternative to other fabrics.

Where might one come across such desirable garments? Let me show you what we have to offer! Our incredibly fine and exclusive coats will ensure your closet has a quality garment, environmentally friendly, and especially one that is easy to combine and use, whether you are more relaxed and prefer jeans, skirts for a classier look, or even an elegant dress that would be incomplete without a beautiful baby alpaca coat.

So, our all-time favorite, elegant, easy to match, and indispensable, is the Long Baby Alpaca Swing Coat, which also comes in a short version (Short Baby Alpaca Swing Coat). This piece will allow you to feel the exclusivity and elegance of baby alpaca fibers while using it with... whatever you want! It is such a perfect and easy-to-combine garment you'll want to wear it all the time!

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a coat with an ethnic touch, we present the Prisma Alpaca & Wool Coat; with the perfect blend of textures and a design that frames Peru’s traditional textile style, it will make you feel part of the mystical Andes.

Our options are plentiful, such as a coat that allows you to go from serious to relaxed without losing class: the Po Alpaca Coat is perfect. So no matter the coat you have in mind, rest assured that if it’s made of 100% quality Alpaca, and better yet if it’s by Kuna, the softness and beauty will keep you coming back for more.

Bring the magic of the Andes to your wardrobe!


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