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Earth tones, rich textures, and geometric designs can’t mean anything else than being stylish for any occasion. Now is time to take this boho-chic style to the streets...


Alpaca Eco Friendly Fashion

Anyone who knows about fashion, knows about alpaca garments, since nowadays the fashion industry is becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact it can have. So what does Alpaca have to do with the environment?


KUNA Expressions

Always immersed in the search for new sources of art and beauty, Kuna found inspiration in the fresh and innovative strokes of young and talented artists, whose works of art have been transformed into delicate garments. They make up the new Kuna Expressions Collection, offering these new painters a new platform ideal to make their works known.


Kuna’s Millennium Collection

Kuna’s new Millennium collection is all about skillfully applying the characteristic color palette and textures that reflect the art and creativity that remains very much alive in Peru’s textile artisans. 


Vicuna at the 24th APEC

The queen of the Andes walks majestically among the cold landscape of the Peruvian Puna; her large and innocent black eyes that adorn the Andes from the beginning of time. The queen of the Andes, beauty and elegance turned into a Peruvian symbol, representing the wealth of flora and fauna the country enjoys.


Why an Alpaca Coat is a New Basic?

There are certain "rules" in fashion we all seek to live by when it comes to our closet; rules as basic as having a little black dress or a sport-elegant jacket, both of which are invaluable when we find ourselves in situations that force us out of our regular style.


Baby Alpaca Scarves, So Convenient!

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and some of us are beginning to feel the gentle breeze that reminds us that the change of season is near, and certainly fall will come with some cold winds... However, we are not quite ready to wrap ourselves up in heavy coats; for now, our wardrobe needs to stay light and versatile in order to allow us to maintain a sleek, modern look, but at the same time cover up vulnerable body parts when the cold demands it.


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