Chalan 100% Vicuna Men's Poncho

Composition: 100% Vicuña
Brand: Kuna

Quick Overview

This 100% Vicuna Poncho is a traditional garment worn by riders of Paso Fino horses, prized for their smooth, natural, four-beat, lateral ambling gait. The name "Chalan" refers to the title given to a Peruvian Paso horse rider. Typically, the best horse rider in a Peruvian town or village. A Chalan must earn this title. It is a title of respect.

Vicuna is the finest animal fiber in the world. Luxurious Vicuna is extremely light, amazingly soft, and provides unrivaled warmth. This poncho comes in a wooden box and including a hand-numbered and signed card guaranteeing the fiber came from government controlled shearing operations. Vicunas may only be sheared every two years and produce a small amount of fiber, increasing the rarity of this beautiful product. In Inca times, only royalty could wear such amazing fiber. Limited quantities of fiber are available each year adding to the mystique of this amazing animal.

This poncho is only available in limited quantities and special order only. Please allow 5 to 7 weeks for delivery.

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