Winter essentials: Alpaca Collections

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Apparel made with alpaca wool is usually associated with bundling up for a cold winter day. While the warm fibers are certainly perfect for a walk on a brisk morning or getting cozy on a chilly evening, alpaca wool is actually quite versatile in its ability to be worn year round and in a variety of settings.

With accessories like delicate shawls and lightweight scarves, you’ll no longer have to confine your alpaca wardrobe to bundling up for the winter months. In an elegant cape, you can dress up your winter wardrobe for special events. Items like these give you the freedom to wear your alpaca accessories any day of any month, and for any occasion.

The warm, lightweight, and ultra-soft feeling of Alpaca wool make it a top choice for this winter’s hottest trends. Natural alpaca wool limitless color options provide the perfect items with endless knitting styles and designs to create unique pieces for every wardrobe.

For wonderful winter wardrobe additions in this year’s latest trends, look for alpaca wool designs in these hot styles.



Sweaters are natural layering devices. Carry a neutral colored alpaca wool sweater to throw on over any outfit in a pinch. Try combining shorter sweaters with longer undershirts to show off your layering skills even more. A colorful alpaca sweater over a simple blue oxford shirt is a great example of this.

Bigger is better. Tight sweaters are disappearing fast and big, billowy, oversized styles are here to stay for at least a few years. Look for scoop necks and off-shoulder styles up top and materials that flow down low. Long styles have been in for a number of years and aren’t going away anytime soon either. If you choose to wear a tighter top, try pairing it with an oversized sweater or vest layer. Lightweight alpaca sweaters can help create an oversized look without being ill-fitting or having a heavy look or feel.

While alpaca wool comes in dozens of natural tones of white, brown, gray, red, and black, lighter shades can be dyed any shade of the rainbow for items that complement any wardrobe. Alpaca wool products are made from high-quality fiber that lasts a lifetime when properly cared for, so choosing neutral colors can mean that your alpaca wool clothing will match a wider range of your wardrobe for longer periods of time.  

Accessories offer a great alternative to sweaters and are perfect for this oversized style trend. Many scarves, hats, and gloves are classy enough to wear with anything from jeans to dresses.


 Showing Paolo Gloves and the Papiro Gloves.


For the breeziest of days, alpaca turtlenecks are a great starting point for any garment pairing. Versatile enough to stand up to the office and the after party, a turtleneck can be layered under a loose cardigan sweater, an open-collar leather jacket, or even underneath a halter dress.

•    Pair a turtleneck with flare jeans, a pendant necklace, and some low heels for a casual look. For men, toss together a turtleneck with a light vest, stylish jeans, and comfortable boots.

•    For a fun and flirty fashion statement, place a muted turtleneck under a bright halter dress. This style is a great way to stretch your summer wardrobe.

•    For the office, a turtleneck with a pencil skirt or a pair of straight-leg slacks to build a professional, yet soft appearance.

The cable knit sweater is great for lounging around on the weekends or visiting with the in-laws. Throw on a crème cable knit sweater and match it with form-fitting jeans and a colorful scarf to bring some brightness to the outfit. These versatile sweaters can also be worn with a pair of jeans for comfort and coziness, or cinched with a thick belt and stockings for a go-anywhere fashionable faux dress.

Thick, lengthy cable knit sweaters can also be thrown over tight-fitting jeans and fur-lined boots for that fun, recreational, ski-resort appearance. You can even choose to throw on a thick scarf and a warm alpaca hat for comfort.


Following these tips, you will have nothing to worry about this winter – other than having an amazing time and enjoying the snow!

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