KUNA Expressions

Always immersed in the search for new sources of art and beauty, Kuna found inspiration in the fresh and innovative strokes of young and talented artists, whose works of art have been transformed into delicate garments. They make up the new Kuna Expressions Collection, offering these new painters a new platform ideal to make their works known.

The artist featured in this collection are David Villalba and Lucas Sebastian. The paintings, full of bold strokes and vibrant hues expressed in abstract language, are finally transferred to shawls woven in the finest baby alpaca and silk fabrics. Not limited by frames, these shawls lend movement, life and a new aesthetic expression to their art.

Kuna Expressions shares the remarkable art and creative drive of young artists with the world. Each item in the collection is a piece of art with color and texture to please your senses. 

About the artists:

Lucas Sebastian

Born October 18th, 1976 in Arequipa, Peru

Lucas Sebastian


The unrest he felt expressing himself through painting, led him to study at the “Carlos Baca Flor” College of Art. 

With great concern for Peru's social aspects, he sometimes explores the realistic language with touches of expressionism, and at times with surrealism, finding watercolors as a means of expression

His abstract language seeks the countryside as his workspace; here he feels at ease to externalize his internal unrest expressing it in colors and lines.


David Villalba

David Villalba


Born in Arequipa, Peru in 1967. Since he was very young he showed a fondness for color and the intense desire to explore it; this is the reason his mathematics teacher encouraged him to study pictorial art, which he did, after concluding his secondary studies in the traditional school Independencia Americana, going against his parents' wishes. 

Once he finished his studies at the Baca Flor School of Fine Arts (1987 – 1991) he went on to Colombia to show his skills in watercolors and then continued his wanderings across the world, painting, and learning.

After a period of pure academism, he developed a conceptual and intimate language, a technique and a manner of expression that goes on to become but only one phase of his constant exploration.


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