Kuna Alpaca Garments Available from Alpaca Collections Popular Among Celebs and Royalty

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This past November, when heirs to the Spanish throne Prince Felipe de Borbon and Princess Letizia Ortiz went to Lima to pay a visit to the Peruvian Parliament, they were greeted with a gift representative of the Peruvian culture and its peoples’ deep gratitude to the Spanish government—vicuña  wool garments.


The President of Peru's parliament, Cesar Zumaeta, and his wife offered the two Spanish heirs garments from the Peruvian alpaca brand Kuna as a symbolic gift of the Peruvian peoples’ appreciation for Spain’s economic support of Peru’s development.  The Kuna garments were made of the finest vicuña wool, an animal in the alpaca family native to Peru whose natural fibers are considered the finest in the world.


The Peruvian President also, when choosing a gift fit for the Pope, decided to present Pope Benedict XVI with a Kuna shawl of vicuña wool during a visit to the Vatican.


Just a couple of months after torrential rain and landslides destroyed the only railway into Machu Picchu, devastating tourism to the famous city, actress Susan Sarandon visited the area to lead a reopening ceremony.


While in Peru, Sarandon immersed herself further into the Peruvian culture when she visited the Kuna stores in Lima and Cuzco.  At the well-known alpaca clothing stores Sarandon purchased several alpaca wool items.


Alpaca clothing products like the garments gifted from Zumaeta to Prince Felipe de Borbon and the Pope as well as the ones purchased by Susan Sarandon during her visit to Peru are available from Alpaca Collections, the premier ambassador of the Kuna brand in the U.S. and Canada.

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