Declassified Black Friday/Cyber Monday Survival Guide

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You know you love it! Black Friday... that delirious, manic shopping frenzy the day after Thanksgiving, and now the entire week! Black Friday marks the kickoff of the holiday buying season!

Here are our top tips for navigating through the beautiful buying chaos:


1. Follow your favorite brands on Social Media and sign-up for their mailing lists to see which coupons and discounts are they are offering! And be ready to use them.

2. Deals can, sometimes, last a week after Black Friday.

3. Don't forget to check Amazon deals, they usually show old collections with better discounts just for the season!

4. Note that the actual sales start online on Thanksgiving day and have been starting earlier each year in retail stores.

5. Prepare for Black Friday: GET old-fashioned, and write the items you want, with colors and sizes, with the backup plans if the item you wanted goes out of stock quickly.

6. Remember that products on sale usually include the old collections (really low prices) and even the new collections at very fair cheap prices!

7. Know that not everything on the store is on sale, meaning that some collections or products are excluded from discounts or coupons. Read the restrictions carefully…

8. Pay off your credit cards, prepare your payment methods, create accounts for PayPal, Visa Check out!

9. Buy online instead of waiting in line.

10. Enjoy your shopping experience, have snacks and water!

11. And don't forget to include something for yourself this holiday season - you've worked smart and hard all year, right?

12. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year with millions being spent across the nation. Your entire holiday shopping list and personal wish list can be fulfilled at a fraction of the regular price. If you want to get the absolute rock bottom pricing, it is crucial that you plan ahead to reap the rewards available on these two days.

13. And finally, you may want to save some space on your credit cards for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday occurs online the Monday after Black Friday and offers amazing discounts and incentives!


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