Alpaca Wool Hats

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When it comes to hats, there is not shape, size, material or style that you cannot find on today’s shelves. When it comes to winter hats, the options become a bit more limited, and the best options stand worlds above the rest. If you are looking for the warm comfort of a fleece or sheep’s wool hat, but without the scratchy material and discomfort, look no further than alpaca wool hats.

Alpaca fleece is finer and glossier than standard sheep’s wool, which makes it more comfortable and stylish. It is also much warmer, making it a better choice for winter clothing, and much thinner, making it possible to use for breathable summer garments.  In addition to its warmth, alpaca wool is water-resistant, protecting you from autumn and spring rains and wet winter snow.  Alpacas live in the Andean mountains of Peru where rain is relatively frequent, so they need a water resistant coat to keep them warm and dry.  These same properties extend to humans wearing the wool as a garment.

The versatility of this material makes alpaca wool hats great for snow days, ski trips throughout the cold winter months. You can even protect your head from sleet and rain with alpaca wool hats because of their resistance to water absorption.

When it comes to warm and comfortable hats, you cannot go wrong with alpaca material. Check out some of our great selections today!