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Alpaca Collections offers high-quality, comfortable and stylish alpaca accessories for every season.  Its durability and versatility makes alpaca fiber ideal for accessories meant to shield your most delicate features from the elements.  Whether you wear our winter accessories, or you opt for durable, soft, and breathable summer accessories, you will certainly be comfortable sporting our alpaca apparel year-round.

Our alpaca naturals fiber are much more comfortable than sheep’s wool, and our finished product is much different from wool.  Alpaca fiber is glossy, durable, and soft, while sheep’s wool is dull-looking, uncomfortable, and itchy.  The itchiness of wool is caused by lanolin in the sheep’s fur, which makes wool more uncomfortable throughout the day.  Our alpaca products do not contain lanolin so our hats, scarves, gloves, and stoles provide you with the ultimate stylish and comfortable hypoallergenic accessories.  

The fibers for our Peruvian alpaca wool accessories come from one of the most renowned manufacturers in Peru, ensuring that we provide you with the best quality alpaca products in the world.  Quality fibers are essential to create apparel for all seasons and provide you accessories that will last a life-time.  When it comes to staying warm in the cold winter months, no material beats fine Alpaca wool.